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Heads up for a dress up!! 

Monday August 22 is Book Week Activity Day at St Pats!  

Once again we are excited to share the love and enjoyment of reading by celebrating Book Week. Children are invited to dress up as a favourite book character or the theme of "Dreaming with eyes open". We encourage all students to participate in this day, and from our experience some of the best costumes come from our own, or someone else's, wardrobes.

We will also be holding our Great Book Swap on the same day.  Donated pre-loved books can be bought by students with a gold coin. Funds from this day are passed on to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation for the production and purchase of culturally meaningful books for Indigenous children and communities. Last year our school community was pleased to donate over $700 - thank you. If you have any children's books that are in good condition that could be donated please send them to school before August 22.

Library opening times

Wednesday - 2nd lunch

Friday - 1st lunch

St Patrick School Sisters of Mercy Library page Link

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This WebOPAC is for St Patrick's  students and teachers to access the many wonderful resources we have in the Sisters of Mercy Library. You can keep track of what you have read, reserve what you might like to read and to write reviews about your favourite, or not favourite, book.