Wellbeing at St Patrick’s

At our school, we prioritise meeting the needs of our students by creating a nurturing atmosphere where mutual respect is evident among all. Ensuring the safety, health, and wellbeing of our students is paramount. 

At St Patrick’s, our Wellbeing Team aims to:

  • Establish proactive and preventive measures to promote student wellbeing and success.
  • Cultivate a welcoming environment and positive atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging, safety, and community.
  • Encourage personal accountability and build resilience among students.
  • Provide a secure setting conducive to learning, enhancing student participation and accomplishments.
  • Incorporate social and emotional learning initiatives.
  • Collaborate with leadership, teachers, and Learning Support Officers (LSO) to address these objectives comprehensively throughout the school.
  • Address the diverse learning needs of all students with ability based learning, education support and emotional wellbeing needs.
  • Supporting students, families and staff to reach their full potential academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Meet the team: 


Jess_Courtney.PNG Annie_Judd.PNG Jeannette_Fraser.PNG Tania_Rowan.PNG

 Jess Courtney

Assistant Principal- 


Annie Judd

Learning Diversity


Jeanette Fraser

 School Chaplain/


Tania Rowan

 Executive Functioning



Tania Rowan

Tania specialises in helping students, especially those who are neurodiverse, build essential skills while also helping them understand their neurodiversity or the challenges they may be having. Tania works with our well-being team and teaching staff to ensure students receive appropriate accommodations for a supportive learning environment. In collaboration with educators and families, she fosters an inclusive community that understands and values the complexities of neurodiversity, enabling every student to feel empowered and capable of success.


Jeannette Fraser

Jeannette is a specialist child and educational psychologist with more than twenty years experience working with children and adolescents in school settings and in private practice.   She has been the chaplain and psychologist at St. Patrick’s Primary school since 2017 and is committed to providing compassionate support and counselling to students and their parents, and working closely with the well-being team and teaching staff to implement effective behavioural and learning strategies.  Jeannette has specific expertise in diagnostic assessments for learning difficulties as well as neurodiverse presentations such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD).  Jeannette has a passion for ensuring that the students and staff are provided with practical strategies and support that address their needs in a safe and caring environment, and that students enjoy working with her in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.