Sacramental Meeting

Children in grades 2,3 & 4 (or other grades if required) will be preparing for sacraments this year. There will be a parent meeting on tomorrow morning (Tuesday 23rd February)  at 8.30am in the library which will involve talking about all of these sacraments.

Reconciliation (usually grade 2) will take place on Thursday 11th March at St Patrick’s church Camperdown @6.00pm.

Confirmation (Grade 3) will take place on Thursday 6th May at St Patrick’s church Camperdown @6.00pm

Eucharist (grade 4) will take place on Saturday 5th June in Cobden @6.30pm & Sunday 6th June in Camperdown @11.00am.

The school has most baptism certificates on file, however if you haven’t handed yours in please do so this week. If your child has missed a sacrament or they are new to the school they will also have the opportunity to catch up this year (please see Tracy). Stoles should be at home so please locate these ready for the sacrament transfer that will need to be ironed on prior to the mass. The cost for each sacrament is $20 which is payable at the parent meeting when forms are handed in.

If you have any concerns or apologies please let Tracy Hickey know