Students of the Week


Audrey Hassett

Stirling Mann

For great enthusiasm for new learning

For great sharing of his general knowledge


Harper Tongs

Charlotte Theodore Lacey

For an incredible job sounding out words whilst reading.

For great work with rhyming words.


Thomas Dixon

Nash Kent

Working hard on his reading strategies and meeting with success as a result.

Working hard on his reading strategies and meeting with success as a result.


Jamie Gardiner

Amber Narik

For working hard and always trying his best.

For working independently to complete a great recount of St. Patrick’s Day


Hudson Whitewood

Max Hinkley

For working really hard on his writing, to increase his focus and independence.

For working really hard on his writing, to increase  his focus and independence.


Layla Wood

Brodie Burkett

For showing great creativity in her story writing and using lots of WOW words to add description.

For a fabulous return to school showing manners and respectful listening and a great attitude.


Aarav Singh

Thomas Atkins

Jayde Melano

For always offering to help around the classroom and being respectful of others.

For starting to take his time and not rush his work to provide good quality work.

For being a caring person and always trying her best and doing the right thing.


Lily Melano

Chase Lee

For fantastic improvement in her understanding of place value.

For a fantastic persuasive Alpha Write about the best place to live.


Bonnie Van Den Berghe

Meg Nolan

For being a gentle, kind and caring role model to her Prep buddy. 

For showing a keen interest in our Big Book topic this week and using her initiative to find out more.


Katerina & Maria Gunina

For showing greater confidence in the classroom when interacting with their peers and staff.

5/6 D

Hudson Nolan

Evie Mahony

Hudson wrote some terrific limericks

Evie always tries her best with everything she does, Well done Evie.

5/6 C

Greta Darcy & Sasha Kerr

For demonstrating their wonderful imagination and creativity in both their writing and performances this week.

5/6 S

Ethan Shadforth

Kobie Mather

For showing wonderful growth in your Place Value post test.

For showing courage this week in your Green Faces performance.

5/6 W

Meg Lafferty & Kade Kerr

For working studiously throughout the place value unit in maths and achieving outstanding results in their post test. Good on you both!


Micah Darcy

Grace Fleming

For his outstanding work ethic in all areas. Champion

For having an outstanding working week! Well done Gracie!


Tessa Trainor

For showing independence in her reading tasks and making the most of her learning time.


Lizzie Dennis

Well Done Lizzie on your ongoing leadership