St Patrick’s will provide on-site supervision for students in the following categories:

  • St Patrick’s will provide on-site supervision for students in the following categories:

    • Children where both parents are authorised workers who cannot work from home, work for an essential provider and where no other supervision arrangements can be made.
    • Vulnerable children, including children in out-of-home care, children deemed by Child Protection and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm and children identified by the school as vulnerable (including via referral from a family violence agency, homelessness or youth justice service or mental health or other health service)
    • Where a parent indicates that a student with a disability is vulnerable because they cannot learn from home, and/or informs the school the student with a disability is vulnerable due to family stress.

    If you believe you are in one of these categories and need your child to come to school please complete this form by 4.00pm the day before.

    This Form must be filled out for every lockdown that occurs.

St. Patrick's Primary School is lending devices to students for the purpose of accessing remote learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic.If you require a device for remote learning please complete the Student Equipment Loan Agreement.  

Remote learning information 

7.0 Letter update to parents.pdf

Vic Gov current work restrictions

Authorised Worker Permit

If parents require specific assistance please contact our leadership so that they can help you.

A Technology Issue Email
Wellbeing Email Phone 0355931962
Supervised Learning Email

Phone 0355931962

Other Issues Phone 0355931962


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